Rock Burger Ep 17

Bryan Cook and Celia Finkelstein get super burgerfied in our 17th Episode

Rock N Roll Cheeseburger Episode 17!  Beard master & English major Bryan Cook joins returning guest host Celia Finkelstein as we get back to our burgery roots in our first new episode of 2015.  We crack beers as we talk Burger Technology,  Gross Selfies,  Sandwiches (DIFFERENT THAN BURGERS, YOU GUYS),  and Kyle kinda freaks out about Umbrellas a little bit.  We pump up the jamz with “Drones” by Ghost Idols,  and a saxophone-heavy tune called “In The Sunshine” by the Dirty Cakes band.  We revive one of our favorite to-dos with 60 Second Story Hour, and we hop around the terrible-radio-o-sphere in this week’s commercial parody segment, including some sweet mom raps!  Oh, and we may have stolen the bodies of Alex & Stu from Warp Drive for this week’s image.


  1. First Firstly: Disappointed “willy nilly” was not in the tags up there. Given my druthers, it would be.

    Now really First: This was one of my all-time favorite cheeseburgers, despite the suicide-persuasive saxophone song and some TRULY atrocious Englishing. I had to take a moment out of my *extremely* busy day to throw my two cents right at your fucking gaping, English-ruining maws.

    A) TikkuGod uses the word “eatable” re: too-big burgers. While this is linguistically accurate, it is wholly displeasing. One could even be morally opposed to it. I hate it. Please ask God to use the word “edible” in future as it is more pleasing to my earholes.

    B) I.e. does not mean “for example” it means “That is…”. The amazing, and way-better-than-all-the-burgerboys, Celia *meant* “e.g.” which does, in fact, mean “for example”. That said, if she would like to vacay with me to Pompeii or perhaps Rwanda I’d be way into that. (Minus her fucked up eating habits… no fried eggs on burgers?? Say WHAAAT??!? And ugh! Steak fries as an acceptable form of fried potatoes?!?! Blech.) Pass along my contact info, please.

    C) ROOFS! The plural of roof in modern English is ROOFS. Unless you’re some sort of old-timey barber with a waxed mustache and some goddamn suspenders who rode a horse to the podcast or something, “rooves” is incorrect. In fact, I had to just fight off my autocorrect thrice to type that shit. That being said, Kyle in his ever-loving hipsterness can probably use the word “rooves”. Dan, YES. the plural of wolf is WOLVES.

    D) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: The word bury IS PRONOUNCED “barry/berry” not fucking bur-ee. By Bryan’s pronunciation the word would have to be spelled “burry” as he pronounces it rhyming with hurry. Either he stick to his guns with this bullshit “logic” and start pronouncing it to rhyme with fury (i.e. “byuree”) OR he start pronouncing it like a normal fucking human American. These are the motherfucking options available to him. Sidenote, anyone who pronounces it “bur-ee” deserves to be buried in a motherfucking slurry of furry curry.

    All that said, seriously great show. You were all on fucking point and I was laughing my ass off the whole time. XOXOXO

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